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Tuesday 29th October 2013

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Securing your Data

All about the management

Big Data - An exploration of reality
Keynote Theatre
German Speaking presentations and Case Studies
Powering the Cloud - Hot Topics
Sponsor Updates
09:30 10:50 Security is not optional Managing IT for the business
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Defining Big Data         Sponsored By:
Open Source  
1A0a: Security is not optional
George Crump - Storage Switzerland
1B0a: Managing IT for Business Demands
Randy Kerns - Evaluator Group
1C0a: Defining Big Data
Josh Krischer - Josh Krischer & Associates GmbH, Data Center consu
  09:30 10:00 KN10: Storage for the Next Era of IT
Chris Johnson - HP
1E0: Einsatz Flashspeicher Vorteil Oder Risiko(D)
Kurt Gerecke - IBM Germany
1D0: DIY Big Data
Paul Krause - University of Surrey
1G1: Sponsor Update
1A0b: The barbarism of specialisation
Kurt Hagerman - FireHost
1B0b: Use reporting to get past fire-fighting mode
Nigel Houghton - APTARE
1C0b: SNIA - The Benefits of Big Data Today?
Molly Rector - Spectra Logic
  10:15 10:50 KN11: Dell redefining the economics of Enterprise Storage
Robin Kuepers - Dell Inc.
1E1: Windows-Anwendungen aus der Cloud - Wie gut sind die verfügbaren Remoting-Protokolle dafür geeignet (D)
Bernhard Tritsch - bluecue Consulting
1D1: Moving from AWS to OpenStack: A Case Study
Steve Curry - metacloud
1G2: the Vital Business Currency
Claire Buchanan - Bridgeworks
Q&A panel Q&A panel Q&A panel                
10:50 11:20 BREAK
11:20 13:00 Data Protection Real-time Infrastructure Management
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Big Data and Analytics         Sponsored By:
1A0c: Data Protection: Can You Walk the Walk?
Sandra Adelberger - Acronis Germany GmbH
1B0c: Infrastructure Performance Management
Skip Bacon - Virtual Instruments
1C0c: Big Data Reconsidered - separating hype from reality
Matthew Aslett - 451 Research
  11:20 11:50 KN12: The Great IT Migration
Shaun Walsh - Emulex
1E2: Across Systems wechselt mit Nimble Storage auf die Überholspur (D)
Klaus Kupfer - Nimble Storage GmbH
Leonhard Boskov - Across Systems GmbH
1D2: SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative: Implementing A Private Cloud
Alex McDonald - NetApp
1G3: Best Practice: Data Center Connectivity based on CWDM & DWDM with ROI of less than one year
Angela Boesche - Pan Dacom Direkt GmbH
1A0d: How to provide data protection and DR for remote sites, offices, shops.. the new approaches
Stephane Estevez - Quantum Corporation
1B0d: Application Perfomance Monitoring with Dell Foglight
Eero Mattila - Dell Software Group
1C0d: Winning with the customer: using a data-led approach to helping retailers become customer centric
Henry Burrows - Aimia
  11:55 12:25 KN13:
1E3: Die Datenschutz-Cloud (D)
Philip Schmolling - Hatchery Group GmbH & Co. KG
1D3: 3 Things you simply must do before migrating workloads to the Cloud
Darren Woollard - Xtravirt Ltd
1G4: Architecting on all Flash Infrastructure
Achim Gebhardt - Violin Memory
1A0e: Data Protection: "The economics of Modern Data Protection"
Mike Resseler - Veeam Software
1B0e: Real-time infrastructure on the back of open source software
Thomas Hatch - SaltStack
1C0e: Beyond 1 Petabyte - Open Source Solutions for Massive Filesystems
Peter Buschman - NetApp
  12:30 13:00 KN14: DE-CIX Apollon – Cutting Edge Interconnection for DE-CIX Members
Andreas Sturm - DE-CIX
1E4: Wie Big-Data Projekte Speicheranforderungen innerhalb von Unternehmen verändern werden (D)
Zeljko Dodlek - MapR Technologies GmbH
1D4: How to build a private Cloud without a SAN
Bas Raayman - Nutanix
1G5: Dedicated to Cloud to Hybrid
Gundars Kulups - DEAC
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13:00 14:00 LUNCH
Security and the Cloud
Managing performance across the Cloud
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Big Data and the Cloud
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Solid State
14:00 15:20 1A0f: Security and the Cloud - Legal analysis and contractual recommendations
Domenico Converso - ICT Legal Consulting
1B0f: How to manage multi-provider  hybrid clouds
Mark Thomas - Databarracks
1C0f: Big Data for everyone
Steffen Krause - Amazon.de GmbH
  14:00 14:35 KN15: Storage Strategies For The New Normal
Neil Caughey - Oracle
1E5: IBM's Point of View auf heutige und zukünftige Anforderungen an Cloud Services (D)
Joachim (Jim) Frank - IBM
1D5: The State of Flash in the Mainstream Data Center
George Crump - Storage Switzerland
1G6: ExaScale Data Center: New approaches for new challenges
Philippe Nicolas - Scality
1A0g: Security and the Cloud: Your Data in the Cloud - Residency, Security & Protection
Julian Box - Calligo Limited
1B0g: Driving performance in complex virtual and cloud environments
Yuri Rabover - VMTurbo
1C0g: Big Data in the Cloud - How to deal with Customer's Acceptance and Confidence
Bernd Becker - Eurocloud Deutschland_eco e.V.
  14:45 15:20 KN16: Securing data in the years to come. What does it mean when the storage world grows 10x by 2020?
Johan Pellicaan - Evault BV
1E6: Cloud – und was der Mittelstand wirklich benötigt (D)
Jochen Dedek - SHD System-Haus-Dresden GmbH
1D6: Benefits of Flash in Enterprise Storage Systems
David Dale - NetApp
1G7: Italian Fitness Equipment Manufacturer, Adds Storage Muscle with sTec
Gian Domenico Bonazzoli - Technogym
Q&A panel Q&A panel Q&A panel  
15:20 15:50 BREAK
15:50 17:30
All point Security
The Management Loop
Big Data and the Law
Solid State
1A0h: The seven stages a hacker uses to steal your data
Stefan Henke - Websense
1B0h: Visibility in the Invisible World
Trevor Dearing - Gigamon
1C0h: Big Data: Information is Power!!
Donna Taylor - IDC
  15:50 16:20 KN17: Challenges for Storage
Jaz Gahir - Huawei
1E7: WAN-Design zur optimalen Cloud-Performanz (D)
Christof Gellweiler - IT Project Management Consulting
1D7: Rethinking Storage Infrastructure with Ultra-Low Latency
Esther Spanjer - SANDisk
1G8: Copy Data Management Best Practices
Andrew Gilman - Actifio Inc.
1A0i: New research on the dangers of data loss and strategies to minimise the damage
Antoine Petitrenaud - Varonis Systems
1B0i: The Management advantage with Converged Infrastructure solutions
Nigel Moulton - VCE
1C0i: Big Data and the Law – Are you free to innovate?
Stephan Appt - Pinsent Masons Germany LLP
  16:25 16:55 KN18: Managed Services Debate
John Chapman - IT Reality
Christopher Gabriel - Logicalis Group
Juergen Domnik - DELL
Catherine Campbell - HP
1E8: Vom MAO zu RTO - Der Weg zum Recovery Time Objective (D)
Rainer Hübert - HiSolutions AG
1D8: Real-life Use of Server-side Flash Technology
Christian Groll - LSI
1G9: The Cornerstones of Data Centre Power Strategy
Frank Hauser - Server Technology
1A0j: All point security
1B0j: The Management Loop
1C0j: Big Data and the Law
  17:00 17:30   1E9: Cloud brokerage – quo vadis ? (D)
Ralf Huelsmann - T-Systems International GmbH
1D9: Flash to the rescue – use-cases today, and a glimpse into the future
Tim Stammers - 451 Research
1G10: Demand MORE truth from your storage vendors
Gavin McLaughlin - X-IO Technologies
Q&A panel Q&A panel Q&A panel  
17:30 18:30 EVENING EVENT



Wednesday 30th October 2013



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Rethinking your Data Center architecture

Enabling 'new & old world' enterprise scale applications

Big Data - An exploration of reality
Powering the Cloud Hot Topics
Powering the Cloud - Hot Topics
Sponsor Updates
09:30 10:50
The Role of The Data Center
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The changing nature of enterprise applications
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Big Data and V3 (Velocity, Variety, Volume)
Emerging Technology
Software Defined X
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2A0a: The Role of the Data Center
Carla Arend - IDC
2B0a: The changing nature of Enterprise Applications
2C0a: V is for Value
Benjamin Woo - Neuralytix, Inc.
  09:30 10:05 KN20: NVDIMM: Creating Storage Class Persistent Memory with NVDIMM
Adrian Proctor - Viking Technology
2E0: Vertikal Integrierte Systeme - Was die IT bewegt (D)
Ingolf Wittmann - IBM Deutschland GmbH
2D0: Software Defined Storage – Vision oder Realität? (D)
Herbert Bild - NetApp
Herbert Bild - NetApp Deutschland GmbH
2G1: Instant Recovery at the Branch: A New Paradigm
Jens Mannteufel - Riverbed Technology
2A0b: The Role of the Data Center
Catherine Campbell - HP
2B0b: Application Engineered Storage: Your Application Advantage
Christian Bandulet - Oracle
2C0b: Big Data and the 3 V’s - Volume, Velocity, Variety – What else?
Frank Herold - Quantum
  10:15 10:50 KN21: HDD vs SSD: No War, No More
Paul Rowan - Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH
Marty Czekalski - Seagate Technology
2E1: Rechenzentren in Deutschland - Aktuelle Trends und Entwicklungen (D)
Ralph Hintemann - Borderstep Institut
2D1: Advanced Concepts for Software Defined Networking-Enabled Monitoring in Virtualized Data Centers
Shaun Walsh - Emulex
2G2: 100% flash storage array at less than the cost of spinning disk.
Christian Fuhrmann - Pure Storage
Q&A panel Q&A panel Q&A panel  
10:50 11:20 BREAK
11:20 13:00
Best of Breed
Sponsored By:
Challenges of delivering new world applications from the datacenter
Sponsored By:
Technology supporting Big Data
Powering the Cloud - Evolving Technology
Software Defined X
Sponsored By:
2A0c: Best of Breed: Are branded systems on the way out?
John Abbott - The 451 Group
2B0c: The Challenges of Delivering New World Applications from the Data Centre
Manfred Berger - HGST
2C0c: SNIA - Technology Supporting Big Data
Peter Buschman - NetApp
  11:20 11:50 KN22: FCIA / Emulex - Hot Trends in Fibre Channel
Mark Jones - Emulex
2E2: Weniger Komplexität im Rechenzentren durch Standardisierung der Infrastruktur (D)
Ralph Wölpert - Rittal GmbH & Co. KG
2D2: Providing a Truly Software Defined Data Centre that makes Economic Sense
Alex Best - DataCore Software
2G3: Tape, an Essential Technology for the Data Center
Philippe Deverchère - Oracle
2A0d: The Future is Fusion – Simple IT, Agile Business
Jörg Karpinski - Huawei Technologies
2B0d: Challenges of delivering new world applications from the datacenter
Christian Spindeldreher - Dell
2C0d: Beyond Big Data
Tom Leyden - DDN
  11:55 12:25 KN23: STA / Amphenol - Enterprise Storage Advances through SCSI Express
Gregory McSorley - Amphenol Corp.
2E3: Energetische Optimierung von Rechenzentren (D)
Knut Müller - e.on connecting energies / erecon AG
2D3: Beyond Hardware: Redefining traditional Datacenter Architecture with Software Defined Flash Memory
Heiko Schrader - Fusion-io
2G4: Is the status quo acceptable? Innovate with Data Defined Storage
Shahbaz Ali - Tarmin
2A0e: Fabric technology is the basis for a software defined networking architecture in modern data centers
David Schmeichel - Brocade Communications Systems Inc.
2B0e: Next generation and traditional applications : how Converged Infrastructure solutions gives you an advantage.
Nigel Moulton - VCE
2C0e: Software-defined Storage for Cloud Computing, Managing Big Data
Peter Godden - Coraid
  12:30 13:00 KN24: STA / Seagate - SAS: The Emerging Storage Fabric
Marty Czekalski - Seagate
2E4: Zero Client-Konzepte im Vergleich (D)
Fabian von Böhl - IGEL Technology GmbH
2D4: Software Defined Storage – Fact or Fiction?
Till Stimberg - HP
2G5: The Power of Zero Management Storage for Virtualization and Cloud
Marc Schneider - Tintri
Q&A panel Q&A panel Q&A panel  
13:00 14:00 LUNCH
    The Case for Convergence Tier 1 Applications and the Cloud Big Data - Big Debate       Emerging Technology BITKOM  
14:00 15:20 2A0f: Integrated Systems in Europe: From Definition to Implementation
Giorgio Nebuloni - IDC
2B0f: The challenge of delivering Enterprise Application infrastructures without compromising Risk, Cost or Growth.
Gavin McLaughlin - X-IO Technologies
2C0f: Big Data - Big Debate
Molly Rector - Spectra Logic
Erik Moller - HP
Benjamin Woo - Neuralytix, Inc.
Christian Spindeldreher - Dell
Josh Krischer - Josh Krischer & Associates GmbH, Data Center consu
  14:00 14:35 KN25: Fibre Channel Industry Association: Datacenter Advancements
Gregory McSorley - Amphenol Corp.
Mike McNamara - NetApp
Henrik Hansen - QLogic
Steven Wilson - Brocade
2E5: IT-Verkabelung im Rechenzentrum (D)
Martin Lukas - Rosenberger - OSI
2G6: Approaching Disaster Recovery
Walter Moriconi - Oracle
Sandro De Santis - IBM
2A0g: Pre-Packed ‘IKEA Clouds’ – How many pieces will you have left over when you’ve built yours?
Christopher Gabriel - Logicalis Group
2B0g: Tier 1 Applications and the Cloud
  14:45 15:20 KN26: Emerging Technology
2E6: DCIM - Data Center Infrastructure Management (D)
Christian Schneider - Siemens AG
2G7: Data Protection Strategies (Does your DR replication strategy match your business needs? )
Roberto Salucci - Hitachi Data Systems
Gianluca Mariani - Dell
Fabio Di Niro - Cisco Systems
Q&A panel Q&A panel      

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