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Evolving to a Hybrid IT world

The 'Powering the Cloud' is where Europe's top CIOs, IT Managers and senior IT professional gather each year to keep up to date with the latest trends and thinking in the fast evolving worlds of the cloud, data center technologies and application delivery.

So fast has been the adoption by European organisations of the combination of new datacenter technologies and private and public Cloud based services that Powering the Cloud 2014 will focus on this evolution to a Hybrid IT world.

Throughout the two days of the event we will help delegates understand how best to deploy applications in this environment, build and manage complex Hybrid IT architectures and exploit the flexibility this new paradigm of computing offers.

What makes 'Powering the Cloud' events so special for delegates is its combination of high level 'thought leadership' content, views and opinions from some of the industry's top experts, analysts and vendors and most importantly the opportunity to network with their peers across Europe and meet and discuss ideas with a host of sponsors.

The Powering the Cloud 2014 will help Europe’s IT professionals stay at the top of their game and master the move to a Hybrid IT world.

Conference Themes
Central to all IT solutions is the effective management of data to ensure availability, performance and security. How data is stored, optimised and made available to applications and users is therefore a fundamental IT function.
Throughout the event we will explore the dynamic evolution in storage as it responds to the variety and volume of different data types now having to be managed.
And we will cover the latest developments in storage technologies, practices and deployments and particularly address the issues of data management across a Hybrid IT environment.

The Cloud has a role to play in every organisation’s IT infrastructure from test and development of new applications through to the role out of mission critical global solutions. The issue for these organisations is no longer about justifying the use of Cloud but rather how best to implement it for the relevant role it has to play.
Throughout our sessions we will examine the motivations around the use of Private and Public Clouds, what the up front and ongoing costs are likely to be and how to integrate Cloud services with existing IT infrastructure. As part of this we will explore the issues around assembling your own private cloud and purchasing an integrated solution.
When looking at public cloud services we will address the issues around performance, security, data integrity and accountability.

At the heart of Powering the Cloud 2014 are the issues around the evolution of the datacenter from a static siloed infrastructure to a software defined dynamic hub at the centre of a new era of computing.
As well as the latest developments in Virtualisation and the Network our sessions will explore the relevance of the datacenter in this Hybrid IT world and how the CIO can, by redefining the role of the datacenter, justify new investment.
In particular we will look at how to create a datacenter infrastructure that best fits into a Hybrid IT model, complementing and aligning with private and public cloud deployments.

In a Hybrid IT world where computing resource, data and expertise is no longer in a defined environment the management of performance levels, security and infrastructure is paramount. Following on from the success of our management and security sessions in 2013 this year?s event will dedicate a substantial part of the sessions to exploring this fundamentally important issue.

The nature of the new Social, Collaboration, Mobility, M2M, Big Data and Multimedia applications are placing massive strains on traditional IT infrastructures.
The need for more flexible computing resources with the ability to scale in response to the volume, variety and velocity of data it has to store, analyse and distribute is now paramount. At the same time the datacenter or cloud service has to be capable of managing many different types of applications all at the same time.
Across our sessions in 2014 we will explore the nature of these new applications, the effect they are having on traditional IT architectures and what role the Cloud can play in helping CIOs deliver these applications without major overhauls of their existing architectures.

IT departments seem to be turning to Managed Services organisations to either take over the running of some of their IT services, allowing them to focus on new developments, or use Managed Services and the Cloud to enable them to deliver new applications without up-front capital or manpower investments. At Powering the Cloud our content will address this sector for both the channel organisations looking to identify opportunities arising from this demand and for the end-user it will demonstrate how best to source these services and how to maximise the benefits from selecting this route.

2013 Speakers
Stephan Appt

Stephan Appt

Pinsent Masons Germany LLP, Rechtsanwalt
Marc Schneider

Marc Schneider

Tintri, Regional Sales Manager DACH
Domenico Converso

Domenico Converso

ICT Legal Consulting, Internet & Data protection Lawyer
Gianluca Mariani

Gianluca Mariani

Dell, Customer Sales Executive


2013 Platinum Sponsors

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Carly Stephens
Events Manager
+44 (0) 1923 690 223
Franziska Priebe
Marketing Manager
+44 (0) 1923 690 202
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